Project Management Programs

    PMI credentials

  • Certified Associate of Project Management (CAPM)
  • Project Management Professional (PMP)
  • Program Management Professional (PGMP)
  • PMI Scheduling Professional (PMISP)
  • PMI Risk Management Professional (PMIRMP)

Course Duration 12 Weeks

  • Introduction
    • Project Defined
    • Project Management Defined
    • Project Manager Defined
    • Objectives of Project Management
    • The need for Project Management
    • Current Developments in Project Management
    • Project Life Cycle
  • Planning for Project Management
    • Project Planning in the Context of the Project
    • Life Cycle
    • Objectives of Planning
    • Elements of Project plan
    • Work Breakdown Structure
  • Organisation of Project Management
    • Influence of Project Characteristics on:
    • Organisations Structures
    • Matrix Organisational Structure
    • The position of the Project Manager in the Organisational Structure
  • Estimating and Cost Control
    • How estimating differs in each stage of the Project Life Cycle
    • Uncertainties in estimating with Reference to contingencies and Escalation
    • Final quotations as a measure for controlling costs
  • Managing Project Time
    • Planning Versus Scheduling
    • Planning Techniques
    • Precedent and Arrow Networks
    • Resource Analysis and Time-cost Trade-off
    • Monitoring and Progressing the Project
  • Quality and Quality Control
  • Project Procurement and Expediting
  • In our online learning each student will be assisted by a tutor to study online. Course material and other relevant information will be provided online 24/7. These online courses are offered at an affordable cost. The course duration will be 12 weeks to 1year.

    Certification, assessment and evaluation.

    The examination and evaluation required for certification shall be carried out by PMI USA. The faculty members teaching their respective courses will choose the method of evaluation most appropriate to the subject. The certificate will be awarded directly by PMI USA.

    Executive Education’s course qualifies the candidates to take CAPM and PMP (the first two credentials in PMI- USA) exams in PMI – USA.

    Application processes and Course fee

    Once the admission processes is open candidates need to apply online with all relevant details as mentioned in the application form along with the application money, at the same time hardcopy of application should reach to Satellite Office before application closer date.