Faculty Development Program

Certification, assessment and evaluation process for Faculty Development Programs.

The examination and evaluation required for certification shall be carried out by IIMT Varanasi The faculty members teaching their respective courses will choose the method of evaluation most appropriate to the material. The certificate will be awarded directly by IIMT Varanasi.

Application processes and Course fee

Once the admission processes is on candidates need to apply online with all relevant details as mentioned in the application form along with the application money, at the same time hardcopy of application should reach to Satellite Office before application closer date. Total course fee is 1,05,000/- which can be paid in three equal installment.

Courses Credits & Evaluation
The Institute’s evaluation system emphasizes continuous assessment of a student against the required standards of academic achievement. Hence apart from the terminal examinations, the student’s performance is evaluated on the basis of class participation and preparation, periodic assignments, project, surprise quizzes and mid-term tests. While a student is expected to put in at least 100 hours of work in a three-credit course including 30 contact hours in class, in case a one-and-a-half-credit (1.5) course, the time devoted would be 50 and 15 hours respectively.

Course is evaluated and graded on an eight-point scale taking into consideration the student’s performance in different segments of evaluation mentioned above. The grades and their corresponding quality points are given below :

Rating Fail Poor Average Good Excellent
Grade F D D+ D D+ F F F F
Quality Points F D D+ D D+ F F F F
Equivalent Marks 0-30 35-42 42-47 47-52 52-57 57-62 62-67 67-72 72-77